Tracy is the most experienced female coach at Phoenix and the longest serving member. She is the most accomplished female coach in the ACT. She transformed from a student, to a fighter, to a coach, over 20 years of dedication. Tracy has graded through the system and has achieved a very high standard at all grading’s, levels and tests throughout her years of diligent training. Tracy is the highest graded Phoenix Student of all time and has earned this through her fighting success, coaching excellence and unstoppable training habits. Tracy is also a Level 1 Boxing coach and fitness coach. Tracy has extensive competition experience and is a multiple times ACT kickboxing champion and the first Phoenix student to pass the “10 competition fights” mark. Tracy has competed at kickboxing and Thai Boxing and is a leader in the gym in training experience, competition experience and coaching across all Phoenix Programs including Children, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced classes and fighter development.

Tracy has been an Australian MTA junior team coach at the Junior World IFMA Championships and been an integral part of training juniors to win gold, silver and bronze medals at World Championship events. With 20 years training at Phoenix, Tracy is not the youngest member of the team but she is certainly the most formidable, committed and capable coach. She is an inspiration to every member and inspires all female members to be more than they can be. One of the first successful female fighters and Muaythai coaches in Australia, she still leads the way in inspiring young girls to achieve at, what used to be, a male dominated sport.

Tracy is also the business manager of Phoenix and manages all the important detail that keeps the gym open and running smoothly.