Captain Scott ‘the flash’  joined Phoenix in 2007 and has practically never missed a days training in 10 years. Scott joined when he weighed over 100kg from body building and is now a lean and fit machine that set a training example second to inspire everyone.  He soon found the love and benefits of martial arts training and developed into a championship fighter.  He went on to fight in the 67kg weight division at Kickboxing and Muaythai, winning a NSW state title and proving himself as one of the fittest and most relentless fighters anyone will face.

He now continues to train daily and coaches Muaythai, Fitness and Boxing. Scott is one of the very few people to grade to Level 5 and one of only 3 people at the gym graded to this level. He has a wealth of knowledge and is in the gym everyday to train with and pass on his knowledge and wit to other members.