Phoenix Muaythai is an amazing workout, effective fighting style, great self defence, great fun and a far more interesting activity than the same old gym routines. Plus, it toughens you up!

  • Phoenix has BEGINNER ONLY CLASSES to get you started.    
  • Phoenix is the most experienced and established Muaythai Club in the ACT region. 
  • Our coaches are fighters with extensive experience and formal training in coaching. 
  • Muaythai is the most effective striking system on the planet. It is an amazing workout that toughens your body and soul. Great for fitness, self defence, stress release or competition. 
  • Muaythai at Phoenix is coached in professional, organised, disciplined and developmental system – the Phoenix System. Proven effective for over 23 years. 
  • Phoenix is a club that welcomes everyone and develops ordinary people into champions, in the ring and in life. 
  • No one is pressured to compete. 95% of people just train for fun and to know what they are doing is real and works. To compete you need a few years of hard training and an obsession to do test yourself. We appreciate it is not for most people but coach everyone equally. 
  • Phoenix has more Muaythai classes than any other club, we do real Muaythai, you can be proud of, but follow a modern approach to coaching, fitness and learning. We have level classes, a grading system and options for just fitness. 
  • Muaythai is only one of the programs that is included in your membership. You can do Boxing or Fitness classes aswell. As a martial club we always add more to your training and experience. 
  • Phoenix has full time staff, coaches and a facility that is world class. We offer 24 hr memberships. The difference is in the coaching quality, the team and the detail we offer. 
  • Phoenix is more than Muaythai and once you get started you will realise what Phoenix Pride is.

Muay Thai Training Handbook

Phoenix Muaythai is not the same as Muaythai anywhere else. It is real Muaythai, just better. 

Muaythai is the most effective and proven striking system in the world, plus it is the best workout in the world! Phoenix Muaythai (& Kickboxing) is a modern effective training system that teaches authentic Muaythai with a modern approach that is practical, fun, challenging and incorporates effective skills with great fitness to build a better you. It is fitness with a purpose, it is a sport, it is a group activity, it is effective, tough and challenging, but the rewards equal the effort….Phoenix does Muaythai/Boxing but at our soul we coach people to be ‘fighters in life’ and to ‘develop the warrior within’ as your personal growth is far more important.