PHOENIX MMA - Developing effective martial arts skills!

Phoenix MMA is a Martial Art and Fitness club that has been doing MMA for over 20 years. Our MMA system is developed from a striking perspective incorporating Muaythai, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, submission grappling and ground ‘n’ pound. It is an all-round workout, effective self-defence and great physical fun.

  • Phoenix MMA is included in ALL memberships.
  • Phoenix MMA is a great workout whilst you learn effective fighting skills. 
  • Phoenix MMA includes the Muaythai classes, the boxing classes and two specific classes a week to learn wrestling/grappling/dirty boxing and ground and pound.
  • MMA, as made famous by the UFC is a great way to have all round effective martial arts skills that work at all ranges and for self defence.
  • Phoenix MMA includes ‘no rules’ adaptions and lessons for street self defence.
  • Phoenix is a club that welcomes everyone and develops ordinary people into champions, in the ring and in life. 
  • Phoenix has more martial arts classes than any other similar club. We do real martial arts training which you can be proud of; but follow a modern approach to coaching, fitness and learning. We have level classes, a grading system and options for just fitness.  Plus there is always peoples here to train with you at your level.  
  • Phoenix has full time staff, coaches and a facility that is world class. We offer 24 hr memberships. The difference is in the coaching quality, the team and the detail we offer.


Even if everything is going very well and your club is stronger and more solid than ever; you must remember where you came from and what you have been through to get there. Everything we teach at Phoenix is a progression of many lessons and experiences. For me, it is a long path as a martial artist. Beginning at 12 years old and then a military and security career that was always ‘martial’, and paralleled everything I did in my sports, fitness and Martial arts. You don’t get good at anything without obsession, persistence, failure, suffering and some small achievement to keep you going. Overall, you must love it more than anything else and want to pass it on….