Boxing is fantastic fitness and great self defence, but the best part, is it is fun and easy to learn. Phoenix Boxing is a system that teaches you real boxing that you can apply for your fitness or train for sparring to release the warrior within. Either way, you will be proud of your skills and be able to say – you do real boxing! Boxing is the centre line of all striking and combat sports and at Phoenix Gym we have boxing classes to ensure you can:

  • Learn self defence.
  • Improve your fitness.
  • Be a boxer – for fun, sport, and fitness or just as a healthy activity.
  • Improve your Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA punching skills.
  • Improve your confidence, assertiveness and strength of character.
Phoenix Boxing is a simple and safe way to get into combat sports. Our Boxing program is popular because we are experienced at getting people started and follow a proven training system that gets results fast and teaches you how to Box. You can start at boxing or join boxing classes any time!
Boxing is the centre of all effective fighting systems - At Phoenix, we know boxing can be real and FUN.
Boxing is an integral part of Phoenix. All boxing classes are included in your unlimited membership packages so it is an easy choice. Just do Boxing if you want an effective way to get fit, learn self defence and like the focus of learning and being good at one thing. For some, starting at Boxing is an easier step as it is more focused on hand skills and footwork and doesn’t have as much ‘content’ as Muaythai classes. The Boxing is integrated into the Phoenix system so doing Boxing allows you to fit easily into the Muaythai classes and vice versa. Phoenix boxing is for everyone at and new to Phoenix.