Lee has over 30 professional Muay Thai fights. He was represented Australia at the IFMA world championships, is the current NSW professional champion and has fought all around the world at Muay Thai and K-1. He is known as ‘hard as’ in Australia due to his destructive fight style and determination to win. Lee has been a part of the Phoenix Team for over 10 years and progressed from student, to fighter, to champion and is now full time at Phoenix passing on his knowledge and inspiring others everyday. Growing up and living on a farm and winery Lee has learnt to earn his way through life with a strong work ethic. Lee started at Phoenix as a junior and has dedicated himself to progressing through the Phoenix System.

Lee joined to get fit and do something challenging. He soon became hooked on Muay Thai, and the atmosphere and attitude of Phoenix Gym. Lee started training to compete in 2008, having his first fight in 2009, he now trains and competes as a professional. Lee has won state and national titles at Muay Thai and continues to work hard and improve his skills, fitness and experience. Lee is at Phoenix everyday developing his knowledge and is here for you to get started on your path to your goals. Lee sets an example when he trains and is an inspiration to others, to try and keep up.

Lee coaches a range of children’s and adult classes, including personal training sessions. Lee specialises in Muay Thai but has also developed a love for hard fitness training. He loves to test others when they do fitness training and runs action packed fitness sessions.

When Lee’s not training or coaching at Phoenix, he spends his time shooting, watching horror movies and spending time with his lovely girlfriend and cute fluffy dogs.