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For Membership Cancellation

Membership Cancellation conditions depend on your membership agreement. All cancellations require processing and your regular fees will be deducted during this period. You have 2 choices to cancel: 

  1.  Come into the gym and cancel and it will take 5 days to process.
  2.  Cancel online, via the form below. This will take 30 days to process.

We do not cancel memberships by email, phone message or Pigeon. Visit or fill the form in and it is easy. Ensure you know your membership category for specific time frames and conditions.

There is no cancellation fee for any pay as you go membership. Pay in advance memberships cannot be cancelled and continue until the term of the membership expires.

Memberships packages within the package period (either 3 or 6 months) can only be cancelled during the package period by paying a $250 cancellation fee.