Claim Free Trial

I am over 18If I am 14 - 18 years, this free trial registration will be filled out and endorsed by my parent or legal guardian. All children class free trials MUST be booked at reception as you can just turn up for a class.

  • I acknowledge that the activity I am to undertake is a potentially dangerous recreational activity that
    may involve a significant risk and that by participating in it I am exposed to certain risks.
  • I understand and agree that I am responsible for my own medical, legal and insurance advice and any other
    advice that may inform my participation in this activity.
  • I understand that I am required to abide by all Phoenix Combat Sports rules and regulations and the code
    of conduct applies to me. I also understand I am required to abide by all signs posted in the gym and
    instructions from the coaches and staff.
  • I understand that all classes start on time and that I will arrive 10 minutes early for my trial and
    be ready on time for the class.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to ascertain if I am of good enough health and fitness to attend
    the gym and if my medical conditions changes that I will advise a staff member and consult a doctor before
    recommencing training.
  • I understand that I cannot wear any jewellery in Muaythai or Boxing – none, zip, zero, no earings, piercings, necklaces,
    cloth or metal or alien artifact.
  • I understand that I must wear appropriate clothing for the activity.

Accept all Terms

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