Boxing at Phoenix for Muaythai and Boxing

Boxing is now an integral part of the Phoenix program. It is the way we used to do Boxing and we are excited about returning to the same program and style. 

What does it mean in practice?  

  • That the classes are coached by the same coaching staff as conduct the Muaythai program.
  • That the class format is in line with the all classes, so it is easy to transition between any program.
  • The boxing skills compliment the Muaythai. You can never be a good enough boxer and for everyone that does Muaythai at any level, doing a Boxing class once a week is important.
  • You can come to any class for your level and both Boxing and Muaythai will give you a great fitness and skill workout.
  • For Beginners:
    • You can start at Boxing and stay at Boxing forever if that suits your training needs.
    • You can start at Boxing to get a solid base for moving to Muaythai when you are ready
    • You can do any Boxing or Muaythai class without any pressure to specialise and mix it up as it suits your needs and training times.
  • For TTFU/Intermediate and above people the Boxing classes are for anyone that wants to box better. Sparring classes are sparring regardless of program.
  • For people who are graded at Muaythai, you should do a graded Boxing class once a week to improve your Boxing. We already do Boxing in our classes, but this will give you the chance to improve your hand skills.

Boxing can be done as its’ own program for anyone that wants to focus on it. Just because you want to, just because you prefer it, because you do not like kicking, or are injured or just want to focus on one thing to be good at.

Competition Boxing

Phoenix has had people compete at Boxing for 20 years. Not as often or as focused as Muaythai but the history is still a proud one. The difference now is, you must meet the fight team standard, earn every step and train specifically for competition; when we think you are ready and dedicated enough to compete we will talk to you about it. You will then train with all the Phoenix fighters in a competition training environment. Our main aim is to have great and effective Boxing not to encourage competition Boxing.

You may not realise that Anthony was training at Boxing from the day he opened Phoenix. He did this to be a better professional fighter. He routinely trained with professional boxers and has had extensive experience at Boxing competitions.

For Muaythai, Phoenix people are renowned for their exceptional Boxing skills that they bring to the fight. Zoe Putorak, Lee Fook and Scott Bullock will assist Anthony at the program and bring many years of professional competition and a high level of boxing skill to every class. Zoe is currently the highest ranked female fighter from Australia in the world and an exceptional role model for anyone wanting to be better. Her boxing skills come with the ferocious determination to dominate every fight and she will pass on her skills and discipline to every class member.

Phoenix Boxing style

Phoenix Boxing is honest, simple, and direct Boxing. Boxing that works for fighting, self defence, Boxing competition or just to learn the art of Boxing. Our Boxing is more suited to pro Boxing where you have to be very fit and learn to hit and not get hit but be capable of taking the fight to someone, standing in the pocket and working hard. We teach pressure, relentlessness, courage, and adaption based on your own body type and skill. It varies from amateur Boxing as it is more focused on damage than scoring shots. It is still on your toes, sharp and accurate but less in and out, and more in.

The emotion of getting hit and conflict

Boxing is a sport but to develop we also need to develop our ability to get hit and understand how it effects our emotions. We will teach you how to defend with your emotional capability with what works under pressure (against determined people) before we add in fancier but harder to apply aspects like dodging, weaving, and slipping. You will cover head, protect yourself and learn to fight back. The key to this is partner work, learning real time reactions and adaption required for Boxing to work for you. You learn skills in the air, but you learn Boxing with partners, and you learn how to cope and do it well with hard fitness and solid partner skills to develop range and timing.

The Boxing classes will be suitable for anyone that does Boxing, Muaythai, Fitness or just want to specialise at Boxing as their main activity. This has always been the case, but it will now be easier for people to enjoy all programs and develop through the Phoenix system regardless of what program you do. If you are only interested in Boxing, only have time for Boxing, then that is fine as well. You will get great Boxing training.

Yours sincerely


Anthony Manning – Head Coach

Phoenix Combat Sports