Why Muay Thai is a Perfect Workout for You

Why Muay Thai is a Perfect Workout for You

Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing. It originated in Thailand and uses striking whilst standing up, as well as clinching techniques. The combined use of elbows, knees, fits and shins is great for coordination and fitness. This martial art is designed for full contact fighting.


Strikes can be thrown from close, midor long range. Clinching is a type of grappling which is also used in the sport.

Cardiovascular Training

There is a huge cardio training aspect of Muay Thai. The body is always moving and the sport is both aerobic and anaerobic.Whatever your level of fitness Canberra Phoenix Gym will see you quickly increase your cardio with these classes.


Increased leg strength, muscle endurance, and lower body strength are benefits of Muay Thai. The legs,especially,get a great workout from kicking. Your whole body is used in Muay Thai and the movements of the sport will develop outstanding core strength and muscle definition.


Hips can be a problem area as we age. Leg and knee movements due to the continuous kicking movements of Muay Thai will give you terrific flexibility in the hips over the long term.


As with any martial art training, you need to focus.If you don’t focus you could gethit and so you really have no choice! Your focus will increase with training and practice and you will notice the results in your sport and in other areas of your life.

Stress Relief

Muay Thai is a terrific form of stress and anger relief. The cardio produces endorphins while the kicking and hitting can let off steam that you may have worked up throughout the day or week.

Muay Thai is a perfect workout. It will complement your existing regime, provide an outlet for stress and improve your cardiovascular health.

Muay Thai Canberra classes operate at Phoenix gymregularly. Muay Tahi is a workout that improves fitness,coordination, focus and fighting skills. It will build muscle and make you agile. Give it a go at Phoenix Gym Canberra today.


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