Why Join Phoenix?

Why join

Phoenix is Canberra’s only 24 hour Combat Sports club. We specialize at Muaythai, Kickboxing, Boxing and high performance fitness, and more. The more is the quality of programs, facilities, coaches and the connections you will get with like minded hard working people. We have 55 classes a week and the longest opening hours of any like club. Train whenever you want! 24 hour access is available by application only*.

Our world class programs and coaches have developed the club to be one of Australia’s leading and most unique Muaythai, kickboxing and Boxing Clubs in Australia. Phoenix is not a franchise or mainstream fitness centre. The owner and coaches are in the gym every day – training, coaching and leading by example. 

Phoenix guides, leads and inspires you every step of the way. Phoenix is a club based on connections, friendships and a common work ethic. We train everyone to be a world champion and what they do with it is up to them. Phoenix develops the fighter in you. Everyone has something to fight for and we bring that out and give you an outlet to fight for something and to improve yourself.

We are all here to achieve results and help each other get there. Your training partners will share your experience and your coaches will inspire and push you. Most people join Phoenix for fitness as an alternative to a ‘fitness centre’ but stay because it is so much more. Once you have tried Phoenix, everything else is boring. Our fitness is based on athletic development, reality based no gimmick training that works because it is hard work and developmental. Our fighting programs are world class and our martial programs are modern effective fighting systems that train some of the fittest people in Canberra. NO other fitness centre or trendy new gimmick has people at their gym with 20 years’ experience guiding you and a system of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for you to progress through.

Phoenix builds fitness and character; we build better members of the community and with your fitness comes a great healthy lifestyle, great people to work with and mental toughness that will be a great addition to your life skills. Phoenix is a sporting club more than fitness centre. We do great fitness but no one can do what we do, our point of difference cannot be matched only imitated.

Our programs

Phoenix Gym is safe and specializes in getting beginners started. We train 5 year old kids, families, females, males, fighters, teenagers and some of the fittest and toughest people in Canberra. Phoenix is one club and your membership entitles you to do any of our programs. We specialise in Muay Thai, Boxing, fitness and personal training. Every class is planned, structured and organized. All fitness and martial art training is developmental, gets results and is disciplined. 

Membership fees

Phoenix gym Canberra offers great value memberships that are based on how many classes you plan to do each week. You can pay in advance or you can elect a fortnightly direct debit membership as either a 6 month package or as a pay as you go membership.

All memberships include ALL programs. Please refer to our PRICE LIST for the plan that suits your goals and budget.

Membership Joining

(All Under 18 and Childrens memberships are to be completed at Phoenix)
Joining is easy. 
Step 1 – choose you membership
Step 2 – Choose to either pay in advance or via direct debit for your initial 6 month program. (After 6 months your program continues until you cancel it) 
Step 3 – Visit Phoenix to PAY for your membership and commence your experience. 

Membership Packages

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