Want to Try a New Workout? How About Muay Thai?

Want to Try a New Workout? How About Muay Thai?

What are you looking for in a workout? Fast results? To become lean, build muscle, and increase your fitness fast? All while having fun? How about Muay Thai? The benefits are numerous, and you will increase your fitness, agility and general well-being very quickly.

Martial Arts Training

Muay Thai is a martial arts workout that incorporates aerobic and anaerobic training with striking training. You will learn self-defense techniques while reaping the rewards of an intense workout. You will be trained to have a strong focus which will help you both in and out of the gym. Your self-awareness will increase with this training.

Social Aspect

Training in a large group there is also a great social aspect to the sport. You will work one on one with a partner.Muay Thai Canberra sessions are fun, effective and focused workouts.

High Intense Workouts

The intensity of the workout is high. Your overall strength will increase and your body will become firm as you quickly lose fat and gain muscle definition. The workouts will very quickly increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Muay Thai releases toxins from the body, and increases the capacity of the heart and lungs. It is a great whole body cardio workout.

Strength Training

Strength and agility are major aspects of the Muay Thai workout. You muscle definition will quickly increase when you do Muay Thai Canberra workouts.

Mental Benefits

AMuay Thai workout releases feel good endorphins. Great stress relieving procedures including kicking and punching are major components of the session. You will have more energy as your endurance improves and your increased circulation will have you feeling fantastic.

For the ultimate in fitness Canberra classes at Phoenix gym include regular Muay Thai workouts. They are fun, intense, empowering and confidence building. Give us a call today and give it a try!


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November 23, 2017

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