Shaher Khan

Shaher Khan

Shaher is the head coach of the Phoenix BJJ program. He recently became one of the youngest black belt recipients in the country and is the current Pan Pacific Open Weight champion. Shaher started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a teenager and has dedicated himself fully to the art ever since. He has competed around the globe and has studied extensively in Brazil and USA, having trained with over 20 world champions and International Hall of Famers.
Shaher is still actively competing and is the highest ranked black belt competitor in Australia. He has recently moved to Canberra to manage the Phoenix BJJ program and to establish his base href=”” /””>Shaher explains the concepts of BJJ well and is gifted with a technical understanding of the sport and art that enable him to impart his knowledge on new students. Shaher was graded by UFC fighters Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic and regularly trains with other BJJ experts to keep his skills contemporary.
Come and train BJJ with Shaher and learn the art of BJJ from a true champion and someone dedicated to passing on his best information and experience to all his students.


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