Muay Thai Kickboxing Canberra


The most effective and proven striking system in the world that has as an added benefit – the best workouts in the world!
Phoenix Muay Thai (& kickboxing) is a modern effective training system that teaches authentic Muay Thai with a modern approach that is practical, fun, challenging and incorporates effective skills with great fitness to build a better you.

Muay Thai is an effective martial art that is tested, proven and a popular sport around the world – Muay Thai is a living Martial Art that is simple and effective. It takes hard work so you get fit and become a stronger person but you will always be proud of yourself and satisfied you made the effort. 95% of people do Muay Thai for fitness but they stay because it is great fun, developmental and it is rewarding to see the results. Muay Thai is the premier striking art in the world and suits practical people that are grounded.

Phoenix Gym Canberra has a small but serious Fight Team but this step is only for those that choose to compete and are intermediate graded members and above.

Muay Thai at Phoenix is the best workout you can get but with added benefit or being a real fighting system. Our coaches are experienced fighters and have followed a strict development system to truly understand how to train you to be the best you can be. What you do with it, is up to you. 95% of people at Phoenix Gym, Canberra never compete or fight but if they wanted to them could. If they had to (for self defence) then they could fight and stand up for themselves. At Phoenix, you follow a developmental program that builds you from a normal person into an extraordinary person by getting fitter and tougher with skills that work. Phoenix will teach you the basics and the character required to progress from beginner class to intermediate and sparring classes.

At Phoenix, you can be proud you are learning the real thing from experienced people. There is no fitness industry certification to be a real Kickboxing/Muay Thai coach so don’t be fooled by fitness instructors who are pretending they teach kickboxing, boxing or MMA. We will teach you the real thing with a fun and safe system that will include the realities of learning to hit and get hit with the exciting and emotional aspects of learning to push yourself and deal with physical and mental challenges that are integral to life. Phoenix Physical Combat System has Muay Thai Kickboxing at its core and follows a grading system that teaches Muay Thai as its base but also incorporates self-defence and street wise martial arts.

People join Phoenix to get fit and learn self-defence and stay because of the people here, the great workouts and the results and fun they have training at Phoenix.

We have the best and largest facilities in the Canberra for Muay Thai including 4 full size rings and 24 bag stations in a clean and professionally maintained facility with full time coaches and staff.