Prices Explained


Our prices are only part of the experience. You are joining a premier club with over 20 years’ experience. We know how to get beginners started and will help you every step of the way. There is nothing intimidating about starting at Phoenix and regular people turn into champions every day at Phoenix. Our membership packages are unique because we are Canberra’s most unique Gym. We are not part of the fitness industry, a chain or franchise, we are a home-grown club that is based on a participation in sports that are great for fitness and fun. Phoenix builds connections and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality training and experience to our members.

Phoenix is an experienced club with a pricing system based on how often you train not on what you do. All programs are included in your membership and you can even have an unlimited membership that allows you to do all programs as much as you want. Phoenix has excellent value memberships that include more than just classes and own training; they include benefits such as, expert coaching at every step, world class facilities, 24hr access on approval, a proven developmental training system that gets results, membership at one of Australia’s premier combat sporting clubs.

All memberships are based how often you train not on what you do. They include morning classes, fitness classes and any class from our martial art programs. Being a member of Phoenix means you can do any of our programs. We have many membership options to suit your time and budget. Most people choose a PHOENIX membership but some want more, so they go for the ULTIMATE membership package. Memberships are sold in packages and include a variety of inclusions for you to get the most out of your Phoenix experience. Packages are for an initial period of 6 months and you can elect to pay by either direct debit or pay in advance. We have a ‘pay as you go’ direct debit option as well as a 10-visit pass however these packages are not going to give you the full benefits or results you desire and are designed for experienced students who have already progressed their fitness and skill or are for interstate and are not in the ACT on a regular basis.

Why 6 month packages? 6 month packages are better for you and allow you to achieve the results you want. We are a club with over 20 years’ experience and we keep people training and loving what we do. Our members are proud of what they learn, who they become, their fitness levels and the challenges they overcome. When you start something new, you need to get off to a good start and what we do doesn’t achieve your goals or work if you don’t train regularly and build the routine, discipline and base required for it to work. It takes at least 6 months to transition your previous Phoenix life into a new training routine, develop new skills and form the habits required for success. At the end of 6 months, your membership package automatically transitions to a ‘pay as you go’ for direct debit members but stays at the lower package rate. For Pay in advance people, you just need to renew you package.

We don’t scam you with a Joining Fee, we don’t have one and never have. At the end of your initial package, you can cancel your membership at anytime for free. Via the net it takes 30 days to process and you can keep training up until the day it stops or you can cancel at the gym and it only takes 5 days to process. If you must cancel during the initial membership package, there is a cancellation fee.
When we say unlimited classes – we have 55 adult instructional developmental classes per week to choose from. Our Muaythai program and kid’s programs have over double the classes and options than any other club. All our classes are organised, professional and disciplined with group training in an instructional format what we are excellent at.

Do your research and you will come back to Phoenix 100% of the time. Be careful of other people’s claims and check it out for yourself. We put everything on the net, you can watch a class, see the training, and visit to see what we do. Our prices offer access to any of our world class programs and we have no other hidden extra costs to train. We have over 75 classes a week are a one stop shop for Fitness, Martial Arts, and Combat Sports. We are not price driven because we believe what we offer is high quality coaching, world class facilities, structured and organised programs and are customer focused in such away that comparing us to fitness gyms, or martial art clubs, that operate in school halls, university campuses, inside other gyms or are just one style at your community center, fails to measure the true value and professionalism.

People travel from all over Canberra and NSW to train at Phoenix because of the quality of the club and what we must offer.  Phoenix is unique to Canberra and our members who have trained in places all around the world always return, happy and satisfied, they have Phoenix in their home town. Phoenix is a club people move states and suburbs to live closer to. All our coaches are world class and experienced in the real world.
When you join, we coach you, lead you and are specialists at getting beginners going and up to high level fast. You can train at Phoenix and go anywhere in the world and people will compliment you on your skills and fitness. We are not soft and encourage you to work hard and earn every step but life changing training has to come with effort or there is no reward.

Don’t let these amazing facts intimidate you; our best skill is getting people started. We have amazing prices because we love to promote what we do and get people started so we have to be affordable because Phoenix people are not gym members, they are family and we are a part of their lives for many years.