BECOME A MEMBER - *there is no joining fee*

MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES ALL PHOENIX PROGRAMS, you just decide, how often you want to train.

Phoenix Gym is safe and specializes in getting beginners started. We train 5 year old kids, families, females, males, fighters, teenagers and some of the fittest and toughest people in Canberra.  Phoenix is one club and your membership entitles you to do any of our programs. We specialise in Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, fitness and personal training. Every class is planned, structured and organized. All fitness and martial art training is developmental, gets results and is disciplined. Most people join to train but you can do a free trial first if you want a trial – go to claim a free trial. If you do a free trial, you can then join via this process or at Phoenix.

Membership Packages

Phoenix gym Canberra offers great value memberships that are based on how many classes you plan to do each week. You can pay in advance or you can elect a fortnightly direct debit membership as either a 6 month package or as a pay as you go membership. You can join on line and complete all the paper work, then visit Phoenix to pay for your program. You can visit the gym during staffed hours to join but filling in the paper work on line will save time. You are not committed until you pay for your membership at the gym. Under 18’s require their parents to sign for them.

Joining is easy.

Step 1 – choose you membership package.
Step 2 – Choose to either pay in advance or via direct debit for your initial 6 month program. (After 6 months your program continues until you cancel it)
Step 3 – Visit Phoenix to PAY for your membership and commence your experience.


The ‘ULTIMATE’ Membership

The ‘PHOENIX’ Membership


Alternate Membership

The above member registration form is for members 14 years and older only.  If you’re interested in joining our children’s programs head to our kid’s program section to get all the information you need.  If you’re interested in joining your child up for our programs then please just pop into the gym and have a chat with one of our staff.

To become a member you complete a membership registration form online or at Phoenix. Select your membership and payment method. You then pay for your membership before you start. You pay 2 weeks in advance for direct debit memberships. For pay in advance memberships, you pay for the period of your membership. Membership packages are for 6 months and then continue as a ‘pay as you go’ membership. We encourage this because to get anything out of the great training we offer, you need to develop, follow a program and train regularly. This is your first step! You can select a ‘pay as you go’ membership at the start but it costs more.

When you join, you get a membership pack which includes all the membership information you need. Joining takes about 15 minutes and be speed up by filling in the online application.  If you want to start on the same night you want to join, please leave 15 minutes to sign up. Save time by doing the paperwork on line. Phoenix has been operating with happy customers for over 20 years. The web page has all the information you need but you can always visit to talk to staff and have a look for yourself.

What membership should I get?

Phoenix prefers everyone start on a membership package that allows the member to get the most out of the experience. Ultimate or Phoenix packages are the best way to go for everyone. You want to get fit, lose weight, tone up and get faster, stronger and tougher – this wont happen once or twice a week or with any have a go haphazard attitude. It will only come with you joining the program and allowing Phoenix to coach and guide you to meet your goals. You need to develop a routine and a habit and be at Phoenix regularly so we are helping you do this. Phoenix works but you have to let it, the first 6 months is when you transform your habits, learn to train, adjust your life and make the changes you want to make to achieve your goal’s and get results. Any other way just increases your chance of failure and at Phoenix, we are about results. Every session is coached, organized and planned, you are joining a proven system that needs you to be here for it to work so our memberships are designed for you, sometimes despite your excuses, to be successful.

We back our product 100% - Conditions below.

To ensure you are happy with our product and Phoenix is right for you we back our product 100%. When you join our club you can be confident in what you are getting into. There is NO hidden information, everything we do is available to read or view:

  • We do not have a joining fee.
  • You are joining a well-established club, in a world class facility, with world class coaches.
  • Every membership entitles you to join into ALL our programs, it just depends on how often you want to train.
  • 24 hour requires a Phoenix, Ultimate or own training membership is only available on application.
  • Pay in advance memberships are purchased in advance for a set period and cannot be cancelled, suspended or transferred. That’s why they are cheaper!
  • Membership packages are for a 6 month initial period and then continue automatically until you cancel. After the 6 month package period is complete, you can suspend your membership for 4-12 weeks or cancel anytime for free. You can cancel online and it takes 30 days to process or come into Phoenix and it takes 5 days to process. Cancelling during the initial 6 month period will incur a $250 cancellation fee and there is no suspensions during this period. ‘Pay as you go’ fortnightly direct debit memberships can be cancelled or suspended under the same terms as memberships that have completed their initial period. Cancellation requires the completion of a cancellation form at the gym or via the internet. Phone messages, sms, email or Pigeon are not processed.
  • All suspensions must be done at the gym to align with direct debit dates. There is no fee for suspending your membership if your member category allows suspensions.