Anthony Manning

Anthony Manning

Anthony Manning – Martial Arts Qualifications

Anthony is the owner and founder of Phoenix Combat Sports Club. Anthony is a full time martial artist and so dedicated to true Martial Arts he built the ACT’s largest, most professional, full time and longest running Combat Sports Club. Phoenix opened in 1996 and is continually improving. Anthony is dedicated to coaching the most effective, practical, ethical, and modern combat sports. He is a disciplined and demanding coach who focuses on achievement through effort and commitment. Anthony is a specialist Muay Thai and Kickboxing trainer and has over 20 years’ experience at martial arts and fitness training.

Anthony leads the Phoenix team of dedicated Coaches by running a structured and organised developmental program.
Anthony leads an experienced team of Coaches as the Head Coach at Phoenix. The difference at Phoenix comes down to the coaches and the programs. Every Phoenix coach is experienced and part of a proven and effective development system. Every class you do will be planned coordinated and programed for you to be the best you can be. It is designed as a development system so the more effort you put in, the better you will be. Every class follows a Phoenix format and you will be a part of a system; that means every coach is there for you and will not give mixed messages regarding your development of fitness and skills.

As a coach, he likes to turn ordinary people into something extraordinary. Anthony believes your training should make you a better member of the community and a mentally tougher person who is competent and capable enough to achieve your goals and have a successful life. Regardless of your reasons for training, Anthony will ensure you get the attention of a world champion. Anthony has a national reputation for producing high quality competitors that always turn up well conditioned, well-schooled, ready to fight and respectful. He has trained numerous national and international champions and has been a part of the National coaching team for juniors and seniors at Muay Thai World Championships. Anthony coaches and develops people to be the best they can be and delivers the same personal commitment to every Phoenix member achieving their goals. He is a full-time coach and at Phoenix you get to train with the head coach on a routine basis but are supported by a team of over 15 expert coaches all here for you.

Anthony has cornered over 500 fights for TEAM PHOENIX including Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing. Anthony’s true passion is for hard disciplined training that is always challenging, physically tough and innovative, but above all, effective. He is a no – nonsense coach that leads by example and strives to get the best out of every student whilst exposing them to limits they didn’t think possible. Anthony is an active ‘hands on’ coach and is always involved with every member’s development. Anthony follows a ‘shut up and train’ principle and ensures people earn every achievement through hard work, team work and development.

Anthony was coached by Mick Spinks and Larry Papadopolous and still actively trains and develops his skills and knowledge in order to ensure his students get the best training available. Anthony is incredibly innovative and always practicing the latest ways to get the best out of students. Anthony regularly travels to train internationally as he has a hunger to learn as strong as when he started martial arts 30 years ago. Anthony is not tolerant of snow flakes, posers, egos and talkers, so if you want to succeed at Phoenix, do the work to earn it, be in the team, loyal and you will get as far as your obsession desires. Anthony is 100% in favour of a healthy life so any form of drug abuse, short cuts, or puffy muscles will not impress. Living clean and respecting others and your self is a good start.

Anthony competed extensively at traditional martial arts before competing at Muay Thai and Kickboxing as an amateur and then professional. Anthony has competition experience in all disciplines and has been in many conflict and dangerous situations. Pioneering MMA in the ACT with MMA training as early as 1996 with MMA fighting experience over 10 years ago! Anthony know prefers to specialise in Muay Thai and Kickboxing training with a special interest in developing kids for the future. Kids that stand out from their generation.

Since the development of social media Anthony has expanded his experience to keep up with the key board warriors. By achieving a 72 Dan at self-promotion, he is now a 5 time world champion at bag work, a 7th degree black belt at pad work and has black belts in sled running, submission wrestling domestic pets, posing for fight photos in the cage and talking up his limited achievements on FB to sound like a tough guy. He can detect bullshit and frauds from 12km and turns blue dealing with fake kickboxers with plastic titles and black belts who have never had a fight. The blue turns to green when people give him (or their kids) their impressive martial CV’s that include air forms and non contact training for movie fight scenes but think it will work in the real world.

Experience Counts – not just at Combat Sports, but in life. Anthony has coaching and training experience from a background completely focused on martial pursuits. Before opening a full time facility and during the first ten years of operation he continued to be involved with Military, Security and hostile environment work. After 10 years in the Army in specialist roles involving a high level of combat readiness, fitness and special skills. Anthony tested and developed his skills in operational roles overseas in hostile environments including working in the middle east as a security professional; both in Close Protection Teams and conducting offensive security operations in war zones. He then worked for Attorney Generals Department and Foreign Affairs as a security advisor, hostile environment trainer and security coordinator. This high level and professional experience can benefit your training, your development and make you the best you can be.

Anthony is a 42nd Dan Master, of the non contact, long range, chi death touch in silent bullshitzu. He holds a 14 Dan’s in 33 secret lethal fighting arts and 11 Dan’s in non lethal street wise traditional (invented since 2015) but sharp looking Gi martial arts. He is a 4th degree 8th level sifu Khru in psychological warfare, pickafightjitsu and a white belt gold sash at de-escalation verbal smack talk. Anthony has minor super hero powers including being able to detect bullshit at 250m and pick the ending to most movies within 10 minutes of the start plus he can deliver an articulate speech at the drop of a hat, on any topic for at least 45 minutes. Anthony holds master sifu Dan levels at:

  • Pad holding for fitness training whilst fantasizing he can actually fight
  • Full contact knife fighting
  • One punch death touch invincible secret unseen thumb jab
  • Pre-choreographed spectacular movie scene rehearsal slow downed speed up fight scene fighting
  • Static innocent tile soft wood smashing ego development
  • Gi washing and belt decorating in over 12 colours
  • Air ninja creep up death touch and Vulcan strike jedi force shape shifting
  • Fighting really hard but not hitting anyone and avoiding the head for safety unrealistic bullshitzu
  • Touch football. (Because it is as useful as non contact martial arts)

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