Amanda first came to Phoenix in 2011 when her children started the children’s program.  Amanda started her own training in July of 2011 and loved it!  Amanda has an extensive background in the Grunt Fit programs and now coaches her own classes.  Amanda’s children all train at phoenix and she is one of the many family teams that are a part of phoenix.

Amanda is a qualified swim instructor and previously coached swimming for children and adults, specialising in 6 weeks old to 3 years, and coaching all the way up to squad level.  Amanda also taught health and fitness programs to children during holiday programs and school terms.

Amanda’s children have also competed in swimming and a variety of athletic programs as she is a strong believer in children’s health and wellbeing.   Amanda also taught post natal exercises in the build-up to the women re-joining gyms. Helping them to understand, condition and strengthen their new bodies in a safe way.

During Amanda’s swimming career she taught Aqua Aerobics to women as well as men and women of all ages. Designing one of the first Aqua Boot Camps that was approved by the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Amanda has been involved in sports all her life and has always taken part in athletic competitions, for over 20 years.

Amanda has a Cert III in fitness specialising in aerobic cardio exercises.  Amanda coaches a variety of Grunt classes at Phoenix Gym.  Amanda is also a Personal Coach for teenagers wanting to become “Gym ready” and first time exercisers, offering strength, conditioning and technique.

Amanda is a full time coach at Phoenix and is certified in Phoenix’s unique fitness programs, specifically Grunt Fit and conditioning


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